Mission & Values

Every person is important


Our mission at ECHO is improving lives by reducing barriers to housing, social wellbeing, and economic opportunity.

Our vision is a community where housing, social wellbeing and economic opportunities are accessible to all, fostering a thriving and compassionate society where every person can reach their full potential.

We work with the mindset that every person is important and has an inherent worth and their dignity is important. These two things are critical to the well-being of a person and family and we believe that having a place to call home is the foundation for them. With that in mind, we operate with five core values in everything we do.



Practice empathy and understanding with each client; treat each client as you yourself would like to be treated; pay attention to the needs of the individual; make a concerted effort to understand the experience of each client; realize that the over-arching goal of our work is to alleviate suffering and to promote and increase a client’s capacity to enjoy life; display a commitment to the ideal of the worth and dignity of all human beings.


Practice honesty and transparency in all matters; value equal treatment of all employees and clients; display a commitment to evidence-based practice; adhere to established best-practices in fiscal matters and in supportive service provision; demonstrate a dedication to continual career development and increased practice competency; set a positive example for clients and fellow-employees; admit mistakes and give credit to appropriate person; practice financial responsibility; advocate for fair and equal treatment of all clients.


Take responsibility for results; meet or exceed expectations of your position; solve problems effectively; utilize supervision and collaboration to achieve desired outcomes; focus on continual improvement; remain open to new ideas; demonstrate follow-through with projects and tasks; take initiative;  exhibit a commitment to a high level of performance; practice effective organization and time management skills; conduct regular self-evaluation.


Value creativity in solving problems and creating opportunities for staff and clients; utilize academic literature to develop new approaches and evaluate existing approaches; constantly strive for improvement in service-delivery and efficiency; share new ideas and encourage an environment where others feel free to share their ideas; value suggestion and feedback; conduct research to find out what works for other agencies; think outside of the box; take risks; acknowledge that a better way to do things is always waiting to be discovered; practice adaptability and flexibility in all matters.


Act as the voice of those we serve; advocate for client access to services and resources; be a catalyst for positive social change; be a spokesperson for our agency in all public and community dealings; advocate for the rights of the those we serve; assist other agencies improve their client-care and service-delivery when possible; share stories of success; empower co-workers and clients to achieve self-actualization; advocate for change on the individual, community and national level; pursue social justice.

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