Meet Erik Tilkemeier

Chief Operations Officer

Erik Tilkemeier joined ECHO Housing in August 2022 as the Chief Operations Officer, responsible for Real Estate Development, Property Management, Finance, and collaboration within the Promise Zone.

Prior to joining the ECHO Housing team, Erik worked as the Director of Economic & Urban Development for City Heights Community Development Corporation in San Diego, CA. He was responsible for affordable housing development and management, resident services, and economic development initiatives. Erik’s passion for housing stability and financial security is what led him to ECHO Housing. His belief is that these are two of the most critical elements of a healthy community; both of which ECHO Housing works to provide.

Erik has over 40 years experience in real estate development, property management, economic development. and community engagement. Past roles have included Director of Property Management & Development, Project Manager, Real Estate Advisor, Broker-in-Charge, Sustainability Strategist, and Director of Business Development.

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