Meet Merrick Korach

Community Development Director

Merrick, a proud native of Evansville, is dedicated to entrepreneurship, advocacy, and fostering inclusive community growth. Guided by his faith, he consistently champions the empowerment of underrepresented and marginalized voices, striving to enhance the well-being of all Evansville residents.

Over the past decade, Merrick has adeptly navigated across sectors, leveraging resources and talent to enact meaningful change. His deliberate efforts center on creating authentic spaces for individuals and organizations to engage in genuine collaboration and forge strategic partnerships, ultimately fostering tangible impact and sustainable progress.

Merrick’s commitment to fostering collaboration and innovation is exemplified through his ongoing success story with Bedford Collab. This initiative stands as a beacon of this ethos, embodying the values of inclusive community development and strategic partnership building. Through Bedford Collab, Merrick continues to cultivate a platform where diverse voices converge, sparking dialogue, and driving tangible impact for the betterment of all.

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