Meet Garyallen Glass

Program Director

Garyallen Glass, a native of Evansville, joined ECHO Housing at the start of 2023 as a Supportive Housing Case Manager before being promoted to his current position as Program Director. Prior to joining the ECHO team, Garyallen was a HUD Certified Housing Counselor and Individual Development Account (IDA) Coordinator at the Community Action Program of Evansville (CAPE). That tenure and opportunity allowed him to follow a model of advocacy for those in need, just as his late mother did in Evansville for many years.

Garyallen obtained his undergraduate degree from the University of Evansville and graduate degree from the University of Kentucky. Garyallen has been fortunate to live, work and travel in metropolitan cities all over the globe, using those experiences to guide his work today. Encompassing a passion for the ECHO Housing mission, Garyallen works diligently to provide leadership and service toward ending the plight of homelessness.

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